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1st. Album

Suicide Street

That Easy Money

Narrow River

Brand New Man

# 1) That's the Woman Mamma Warned Me About
# 2) Ridin' the Storm
# 3) Too Late to Change Me Now
# 4) Five Card Draw
# 5) You Really Let Me Down
# 6) The American Dream
# 7) Hollow Earth
# 8) TeryMac's Song
# 9) While I'm Far Away
#10) I Wanna Take You Out to Breakfast
#11) An Old Friends' Voice
#12) I Waited for Salvation Long Enough
#13) See You Again Sometime
#14) Sold Out !

"States Of Mind"

3rd. Album

Sunshine State Of Mind
A Purely Physical Attraction
What A Picture Can Say
Workin' For The Company Store
Where's The Truth
Miss Dixie's Tears
You Better Believe It
Magic In The Air
Broke Busted & Disgusted
Livin' On Earth

2nd. Album

Rally Round
One More Slow Song
Too Late For Sorry
Over The Hill
Useless Information
Strange Desire
Come The Rainbow
How Long