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Lefty's Latest Album - 2009


Songs From
"A Mini Album"
1st. Album

Suicide Street

That Easy Money

Narrow River

Brand New Man

# 1) That's the Woman Mamma Warned Me About
# 2) Ridin' the Storm
# 3) Too Late to Change Me Now
# 4) Five Card Draw
# 5) You Really Let Me Down
# 6) The American Dream
# 7) Hollow Earth
# 8) TeryMac's Song
# 9) While I'm Far Away
#10) I Wanna Take You Out to Breakfast
#11) An Old Friends' Voice
#12) I Waited for Salvation Long Enough
#13) See You Again Sometime
#14) Sold Out !

Songs From
"States Of Mind"

3rd. Album

Sunshine State Of Mind
A Purely Physical Attraction
What A Picture Can Say
Workin' For The Company Store
Where's The Truth
Miss Dixie's Tears
You Better Believe It
Magic In The Air
Broke Busted & Disgusted
Livin' On Earth

Songs From
"Covert Action"

2nd. Album

Rally Round
One More Slow Song
Too Late For Sorry
Over The Hill
Useless Information
Strange Desire
Come The Rainbow
How Long